WPF DataGrid and the Backspace Character

Colectica uses the DataGrid throughout its user interface for displaying editable lists. Today, while editing some metadata, I wanted to remove the text in a particular column for many rows. This is pretty quick if you get into the rhythm of F2-Backspace-Enter, F2-Backspace-Enter, F2-Backspace-Enter….

Things don’t go quite so well if you miss the F2 part of the pattern and just press Backspace-Enter on a cell. The WPF DataGrid will actually replace the contents of the cell with the backspace character. Depending on how you look at your string, this might show up as 0x08, , \u0008, or \b.

This CodePlex post confirms the bug in the DataGrid and includes some workarounds. On our end, the current fix is simply to ignore strings that have a backspace character in them. This way they don’t end up in the XML, which is good because in XML 1.0 the backspace is an illegal character.


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